Who are you?

My name is Zubair Chaudary. I am a Lehigh University graduate with a degree in computer science. I am also a son to first generation immigrants, husband to a loving wife, and tech support for my extended family. I work as a software engineer. In my spare time, I attempt to make food, take pictures, read books, and explore the world around me.

What is this place?

This is my small dot in the space of interconnected computers known as the internet. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

This is a place where I hope to share things. What things? Anything really, from a funny video, interesting articles, to pictures I have taken, experiences I've had, and things I want to write about.

Thats a broad range. Can you narrow it down?

I could, but I would need a time machine. I don't know now what I will know tomorrow, and I don't know what I will want to share tomorrow. I have interest in technology, philosophy, science, politics, history, ... I have interest in a lot of things.

OK, what about Technology?

I grew up playing with legos. I loved the ability to create anything I wanted - without instructions. I challenged myself to make larger and larger towers, eventually needing stools and chairs to keep adding 'stories'.

I also had the good fortune to have a techno-geek as a father. I would get his hand-me-downs as he upgraded. I think I had my first computer by kindergarten? I was my elementary school's tech support by fourth grade - with out exaggeration. I was pulled out of my fourth grade math class one day to help my third grade teacher with the Apple Classic 2 computers the school had placed in the back of the classrooms. The tech-support is still an ongoing thing for me - and I don't think that is going to leave me anytime soon.

I eventually combined my love of technology, computers, and building things to get where I am today. Along the line, I've had the opportunity to work with some really smart people working on really difficult problems - and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

What about Photography?

I've had an itch about photography since I was younger - also inherited from my father. In the film days, I got to play with his Nikon FE2, and Nikon F601. I also got my very own Olympus Micro Zoom140 to take my own pictures. We also went through the early, ugly days of digital camera. First, with the Sony Mavica MVC-FD73 - the digital camera that took 3.5" floppies. The next digital camera, also a Sony, was a huge step up - the DSC-V1. A few years later, I got a tiny little Casio Exilim to take with me on my High School trips (for robotics, Model UN and other things). Thats also when I got into using Photoshop to correct the often times grainy and dark photos into useable pictures.

When I graduated college, my parents gave me a shinny, new Nikon D90. I still use that today, along with my iPhone 6S+ to capture things I see.

Anything else?

Yes, this quote.

Expectations is the place you must always go to before you get to where you’re going. Of course, some people never go beyond Expectations, but my job is to hurry them along whether they like it or not.
— Norton Jester's 'A Phantom Toolbooth'